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Ivan Lisitsyn


Ivan is a 16-y.o. boy from Ukraine who is fighting for his life. He is diagnosed with a relapse of Ewing sarcoma — an aggressive form of childhood bone cancer. To fight this extreme illness, Ivan has recently come with his father to the US and has been accepted into MD Anderson Texas University Cancer Center. Ivan’s doctors hope that after giving a preventive course of chemotherapy they can proceed with a clinical trial protocol based on a newly discovered drug. This could become Ivan’s only way of survival.

Many people in Ukraine and neighboring Russia strengthened their efforts to let Ivan come to the US for treatment. Some 500+ people made donations within just 3 months. Just an eloquent fact: there was not a single flower seen at the traditional First School Day celebration at Ivan’s school this year because ALL the students and teachers saved their flower money for sending to Ivan’s family.

Since the disease was first diagnosed 3 years ago, Ivan has already undergone some 14 rounds of chemotherapy, received a course of radiation and had surgery on his iliac bone. He is a strong son of strong parents and has been bravely enduring all adversities. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, in the summer of 2017 doctors stated a relapse of the disease. From this point on Ivan was facing a need for special treatment which he could not receive in his home country.

Please help Ivan fight for his life and donate in his support. It is the time now when Ivan is in real need.

Please note that since Ivan’s parents can’t register a GFM account under their name, they have asked a close friend of theirs, Mr. Eric Harbert, to be responsible for collection and onward transfer of all funds to the hospital.

More details including a description of Ivan's disease and details of his current treatment are available on Ivan's personal site at


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